At Asbestos Solutions Tasmania, the Licence holder is onsite doing the work alongside experienced staff.

Asbestos Solutions Tasmania is fully insured for Public Liability and Workers Compenstaion. Copies can be provided on request.


“A” Class Licence: Can remove both Friable and Non Friable asbestos

“B” Class Licence: Can remove Non Friable Asbestos Only.

Friable: Can be crumbled to a dust with hand pressure. Asbestos products that are friable include materials such as pipe lagging and asbestos ropes. Only an “A” Class removalist is allowed to remove these products.

Non Friable: Cannot be crumbled to a dust with hand pressure. Hard materials such as cement sheet, vinyl floor tiles, meter panels are classified as non friable. These can be removed by an “A” Class or “B” Class Licence Holder.

WST: Workplace Safe Tasmania, All non exempt removal work can only be completed with their approval.

Non Exempt: Removal of all non friable asbestos products exceeding 10square metres, must be conducted by a licenced asbestos removalist. WST must be notified. Work needs to be inspected by an independent competent person.

Exempt: Removal of less than 10sq metres does not require notification to WST or inspection by an independent competent person or even removal by a Licenced Removalist. However, all work must be carried out in strict accordance with the Asbestos Removal Code of Practice and disposed of in accordance with EPA Tasmania Requirements.

Independent Competent Person: An Occupational Hygienist, or another Asbestos Removalist as defined by WST. These people are require to inspect all notifiable jobs to WST on completion.

Occupational Hygienist: As Far as Asbestos Removal is concerned an Occ.Hygienist conducts air monitoring, including clearance and background monitoring to ensure the air is clean enough to re-enter a work area. They also conduct Visual inspections and a whole range of other services.

ACM: Asbestos Containing Material

Laboratory: A Laboratory can conduct tests on materials and determine whether or not they contain asbestos. They issue a certificate and tell you what type of asbestos is in the sample. However, all types of asbestos are considered equal and no matter what type or what quantity of asbestos it contains the product is then classified as an ACM.

Types of Asbestos Used in Building Materials:
Chrysotile: White asbestos
Crocidolite: Blue Asbestos
Amosite: Brown Asbestos

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